Concrete Structures

Insulated Concrete Structures

Insulated concrete wall forms (ICF) and floors provide Environmentally Friendly and energy efficient solutions in today’s construction. ICF walls can be extended to the roofline, and with the inclusion of ICF floors, we can build a home, church or retail building completely out of insulated concrete.

There are many benefits to using insulated concrete forms to construct your building.
Properly designed concrete
buildings are;

  • Energy Efficient

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Impervious to Insects and Rot

  • Strong enough to Withstand Hurricanes and Tornadoes

  • Fire Resistant

  • Cost Effective

  • Quiet

Whether you want just a basement with ICF walls or a complete concrete building , we use energy efficient insulated concrete forms from several manufacturers.


The THERMOMASS Building Insulation System is a patented, pre-engineered, energy efficient, insulated concrete sandwich wall system developed, manufactured and supplied by Composite Technologies Corporation (CTC).


ThermaEZE concrete foundation insulation contributes to improved overall energy efficiency, and is an ENERGY STAR insulation product. ThermaEZE achieves levels of building energy performance above the required standard to reduce environmental and economic impacts associated with excessive energy use.


Thermal Laminate Foundation Insulation System is an energy efficient solution to insulating and finishing poured concrete walls.


The Integraspec insulated concrete walls are energy efficient, quiet and safe, allowing owners to save on heating and cooling costs, and benefit from a safer environment, sheltered from the storm.

Contact us now and schedule an in-office presentation about the benefits and advantages of using ICF construction in your next project. We have AIA CE credits available for architects as well. click on the link below for more information about IntegraSpec ICF Building Systems.

Contact us today to compare how insulated concrete forms can benefit your project in the long run.