Green Building

Modern Foundations, working with local green builders and Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) blocks can turn dream homes into green homes.

Green builders use ICF Wall Systems to construct both residential and commercial structures that offer

Affordability- The first year energy savings often completely offset cost. A conventional wood house may have a lower monthly mortgage payment, but higher utility costs. Substantially lower energy costs with a concrete home mean even though your mortgage payment may be higher, your cash outflow each month for mortgage + energy costs is actually LESS than with a traditional stick-built home.

Energy Efficiency- Insulated Concrete Homes and Insulated Concrete Commercial Structures have a well sealed & insulated exterior building envelope, creating a super insulated shell.

Quality & Comfort- Insulated concrete homes offer the best indoor air quality, with no drafts, hot or cold spots.

Safety & Sustainability- Insulated Concrete Homes are durable and the more substantial structure means less weather related concerns and more peace of mind when natural disasters such as tornadoes threaten. Green homes and green commercial buildings must be designed and built from the ground up. Combining high performance and renewable energy sources such as Geothermal, Solar Thermal and PV-Solar with ICF construction is extremely practical and effective. Concrete homes are green homes, and green homes are the future. Green builders can construct custom designed concrete homes or concrete homes adapted from traditional frame home designs. A solid concrete Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) Home can be multiple stories high and have many design features of a typical frame home. The ICF walls incorporate framing, insulation, vapor barrier and shear resistance into one step.

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