Retaining Walls

“Stone Strong offered us the perfect fix to a difficult project”

Mike McKelvin, President, Griffith Brothers, Inc

“Over the past 8-years, Griffith Brothers has had great success utilizing Stone Strong Block to overcome inherent obstacles in several key projects. On Old Pimlico Road in Baltimore County, the size of the block allowed us to replace an existing, deteriorating wood wall with a Stone Strong gravity wall. The apartments above us would not allow for an excavation that would include geogrid, and the public utilities in front of us would not allow the wall to be moved. Stone Strong offered us the perfect fix to a difficult project with the blessing of the HOA and Baltimore County Code Enforcement.” Michael J. McKelvin, President of Griffith Brothers, Inc.


Modern Foundations is a proud distributor of Stone Strong® Retaining Wall Systems for Maryland. Modern Foundations is the only licensed manufacturer and distributor of the Stone Strong® Retaining Walls for the State of Maryland. The combination of the sheer size, weight and in-fill of the block provides 100% connection between courses. Stone Strong® Retaining Walls are a true gravity retaining wall system that can be stacked 12’ high and higher without reinforcing grid. The sheer size and weight of the blocks hold the system together to create a true gravity wall.
This is the only retaining wall system with a built-in drainage system requiring no additional parts or labor. The tapered sides of the blocks make it easy to create both straight and winding designs - even convex, concave and circular designs. The ability to create nearly vertical walls allows us to install an attractive wall in places where only poured concrete was possible before.

Our chiseled-stone façade is very realistic. The molds were made from stone blocks hand-chiseled by artisans.

As a manufacture, Modern Foundations sells block to prospective buyers. Volume discounts are available for installation companies that buy in volume and wholesale prices are available to retailers that actively market and display our block. If interested in retailing our block please call us for details. If you have a project that needs professional installation we can recommend a preferred installer from our select list of experienced contactors.

Stone Strong® Retaining Walls can be much more cost effective than cast in-place concrete retaining walls. For more specific information on the Stone Strong® Retaining Wall Systems, contact our office at 410-795-8877 (Baltimore Area) or 301-854-6258 (Washington D.C. Area) or visit

Stone Strong has undergone rigorous review by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC) to verify conformance with AASHTO standards and specifications. The system design, methodologies, and testing conform with the relevant standards of AASHTO, NCMA, and ASTM. Stone Strong is also backed by technical and engineering support to provide a complete engineered solution for your project
Advantages are "0" set back. You may run utilities directly behind unlike retaining walls that rely on a mechanically fastened grid system for support. No Geo Grid or Mechanical Tie Back system for walls up to 15 feet high. in most soil conditions. (Benefiting contractor with less excavation and providing more space for future owner.)

This product saves time, and labor. Each one of our big blocks gives you 24 sq. feet laid at once and a drain system is already engineered in. You can save on labor cost as a much smaller crew is required to make progress and in most cases a Geo Grid or (Mechanical Tie Back system) as well as a drain tile at the footer are not required with our Stone Strong Blocks, saving you critical time and labor expense. No over digging required as incurred with smaller segmented gravity blocks systems that rely on geo grid systems and tiebacks. Stone Strong’s smart web design out engineers the competitors providing 100% connection between blocks when the cavity is filled in. In addition there are no limits to compaction of soil behind face of wall once in place.

Modern Foundation’s Precast Department produces this product and has inventory ready if you should need it for your project. We have used it with Maryland Department of Transportation along Key Hwy. and Route 2. Campus at Loyola College, as well as for Montgomery County School System. Modern has been producing and has been a distributor of the product since 2004.